Richard’s Shop


The original Richard’s Shop website (still available) was created quite a few years ago.  This newer site contains all the old material plus some new stuff.

Richard began the Yahoo! group Gingery Machines (gingery_machines) in 2000.  Since then, ownership of the group has passed through several sets of helpful hands and, as of 2012, has grown to 4837 members.

RIchard has also been active in several other groups: 7x10minilathe, 7x12minilathe, mini-mill, and taigtools.

Since about 2009 most of Richard’s activity has focused on CNC and, more recently, a return to woodworking.  His son, Brian, is starting to get involved in these hobbies as well.

Contact Richard at phrh at att dot net.

Contact Brian at bhagenbuch at mac dot com.

Welcome to Richard’s Shop

Richard’s Shop is now spread between two locations: Richard’s basement and his son Brian’s basement.